san francisco

When I found Kelsi's list, there was ONE item with a check mark beside it: San Francisco! In summer of 2015 (the year before Kelsi passed away), I was living in Los Angeles but my boyfriend (now fiance) had moved up to the SF Bay Area for work. Kelsi had been to visit me in LA so many times, and we wanted to try something different so we decided take the looong, scenic trip up the California coast. ROAD TRIP!!!!

Our first stop was Santa Barbara, where we had lunch and shopped around State Street. Before we headed out we had one goal and one goal only: to get an amazing sunset selfie. Sounds like an easy task right? HA! Not for these sisters. In search of the perfect view, we got lost on this pretty palm tree-lined road but could NOT manage to actually GET a view of the sunset. By the time we found a spot to pull over for the shot, all we got was this pic with our two tiny palm tree friends (they're sisters like us I think). Mission sort of accomplished!





After our semi-successful sunset shot we headed out to San Luis Obispo to spend the night. The next day is where the trip got really gorgeous. Not like "Oh what a beautiful day it is" gorgeous. I mean like "Holy crap am I still in North America?!" gorgeous. It's a long drive up coast from LA to SF, but what makes the trip really long is the fact you have to stop and pull over every 5 seconds and take in all the amazingness around you. By far the most beautiful spot was Big Sur. It makes me SO happy that Kelsi got to see something this incredible in her lifetime. 

After Big Sur we were off to our final destination. “Cystic Fibrosis does not take a vacation!” That was Kelsi’s caption when she posted this photo during the trip. She still had to do her breathing treatments in the car, bring her portable oxygen to sleep with at night, and ship a huge box of meds out to California before she arrived. Living with CF takes A LOT of work!

SAN FRANCISCO, we have arrived!! After hours and hours of driving, we finally made it. Obviously, we were going to be the ultimate SF tourists and that means doing things like driving by the famous Painted Ladies houses and blasting the "Everywhere You Look" Full House theme song out the windows. Yes. We did that. And we weren't even a little bit ashamed. (I'm pretty sure we drove by the actual Full House house too, which isn't one of the ladies). 

During our trip, Kelsi got to meet Karl. That's the name of the San Francisco fog  (he even has his own Twitter  and Instagram account). We also learned this day that Kelsi and the Golden Gate Bridge share the same birthday: May 27th. Gemini Twins!