walk honey & peach in central park



This was a BIG one guys! Mission: get Kelsi's fur babies Honey Bee & Peach from Kentucky (where they live with my mom and step-dad) all the way to the BIG APPLE to walk them in Central Park. Kelsi's birthday fell on Memorial Day this year so I thought doing the walk over Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect way to celebrate. But did I mention I'M ALLERGIC TO DOGS!? (minor detail)




A little background on these precious pups: Kelsi had one dog for 14 years (that's over half her life), her Chichuahua Chichi . Chichi was the love of Kelsi's life and what she considered the closest thing to possibly ever having a child. When Chichi died we were so worried how it would affect her mental health we did the only thing we knew could help her stay positive...get her a new dog!  

Honey came first, and Kelsi was smitten. Unfortunately, when Honey was a puppy, Kelsi was hospitalized so much that Honey wasn't getting the love and attention she deserved. So once again we did the next logical thing and got ANOTHER dog: Peach, who's fur is the exact same shade of red as Kelsi's hair. (That's Honey, Kelsi and Peach on July 4th, 2016 above)

Keep in mind these are two VERY small town dogs. They pretty much stay in the house and only go outside to go potty, so they needed a little bit of training before we headed to Central Park. As you can see it went...OK. Then we packed them up in my mom's jeep and headed out on a 2 day road trip to the big city! (flying was a hard pass for these two)


Surprisingly, the girls were pretty chill and did great in the car. It wasn't until we checked into our hotel in Virginia on night one that Peach decided to freak out, pant uncontrollably, and refuse to potty or sleep. All I could think is WHAT is NYC going to do to her?! Where is the doggy Xanax when you need it!! When she finally did sleep, she snored like a 300 pound man (which is nothing new) so needless to say Mom and I were very tired as we hit the road for day 2.

NEW YORK WE HAVE ARRIVED! First things first, we checked into the adorable hotel I partnered with for this trip, StayPineapple Hotel! If you can't tell by the name it is a pineapple-themed hotel located in Midtown and it's extremely dog-friendly. 


I almost cried when we walked into the lobby because Kelsi would have been so obsessed with the decor, she LOVED pineapples! In fact, for her 25th birthday we had her a pineapple-themed luau, and I bought her a pineapple ring on our trip to San FranciscoStayPineapple provided 2 doggy beds and Peach was FINALLY able to relax. HALLELUJAH! We all cozied up and caught some Z's to prepare for our big walk the next day !


We had a VERY special guest join us for our walk in the park! Katy-Starck Monte and Kelsi were online "cysters" for many years. She's a cystic fibrosis fighter who has had not one, but TWO double lung transplants PLUS a kidney transplant. Today she's doing great, is a nurse, married to her #1 fan Joey...plus she is the sweetest, cutest thing!!

Katy and her pup Chloe coming from Queens to walk with us totally made our day and made completing this list item extra special. Kelsi had to be smiling down on us so hard! I only wish they had gotten the chance to meet in person, but I'm so grateful Kelsi brought another wonderful human into my life. And Honey and Peach are happy to have a new friend too. Thank you Katy & Chloe!


If you can't tell from the girls' faces, we  just so happened to pick THE hottest day of the month to walk the park Don't worry, we made sure they got plenty of shade and lots of water, which meant we did a lot more stopping than walking...but hey, WE DID IT!!!


The girls were POOPED from the park. Now it was time for Mom and I to have some fun - her first time to NYC! We made an obligatory stop in Times Square and had some dinner at an Italian spot in the Theater District. We asked the waiter to pick the best table for us, and he sat us at table with THREE chairs. We couldn't help but think that extra chair was for Kelsi, and we ordered not one, but TWO desserts to celebrate her birthday and another item checked off the list!